Our number one priority is protecting the end customer from defective material escapes. Our sorting and inspection containment service does that and more for our customers by providing containment, part/product inspection, piece price sorting and rework.

During the parts inspection process, defects are found through a variety of dimensional checks. Including; Visual, magnification, microscopic, color variance and fixture gauge inspections. If defects are found, our rework process will connect them using the necessary function which can include grinding, machining, cleanup, parts cleaning, rust removal, flash removal, reassembly and tear-down.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company ensures our customers that we understand the value of a quality.




Guardian Inspection Accuracy inspectors are uniquely trained for each assignment, which provides a strong discipline for identifying defects in production. Our standardized processes ensure that our inspection, sorting & assembly services meet your specific needs. We have low overhead and a proven track record to automate the quality control processes for in-house inspection and sorting jobs. Additionally, we are able to offer our clients a much higher production efficiency rate, along with faster processing, therefore reducing their overall production costs.



Our technicians are skilled at reprocessing defective parts for absolute conformance to fit, form and function requirements. Our highly qualified engineers are ready to assist as soon as you have identified a quality problem. They will carry out their inspection working closely with your staff, making sure there is as little disruption to your business processes as possible. Once the cause of the problem has been identified, we can help you rectify it quickly and effectively, ensuring that any downtime is kept to a minimum and the impact on the overall quality of your production is not compromised.




Guardian Inspection Accuracy maintains a solid discipline for identifying, containing and properly processing non-conforming parts. We also work and coordinate with our customers to improve their internal processes and reduce the chance of ongoing non-conformance. These efforts are managed by our trained quality professionals.

We have the flexibility to work and integrate at any stage within the manufacturing and delivery process. Our containment teams are experienced professionals when it comes to the inspection and rework of all components and commodity groups.

All processing activities are documented while using comprehensive work instructions to support robust operator training. These processes are regularly monitored through Supervisor and Management Confirmation Audits.